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    23. 1. 2017
    ARE YOU SURE THAT ALL YOUR MOLES ARE HARMLESS? The newest acquisition of Medical center Rogaška in the field of dermatology is a system for preventive skin examinations FotoFinder bodystudio, the only device of the type in Slovenia.

    31. 5. 2016
    The planned endoscopic examination in our centre can now also be performed in SEDATION.
  • Iellios Ion Magnum

    30. 5. 2016
    The new Iellios Ion Magnum non-invasive device for body shaping is an electronic coach, which intensively works one’s muscles with 2 and 4 second impulses. You can use 5,000 calories from fat reserves in one hour and reduce your waist size by up to 4 to 6cm. This is the number of calories you would use if you did 1,000 squats. In a gym, this would take a month. The considerably improved overall well-being is not only a result of the satisfaction due to a nicer body, but also of a number of positive chemical processes in the body, which are triggered by the device.

    30. 5. 2016
    Experts at the Pelvic Centre carry out the diagnosis and treatment of disorders in the functioning of the lower urinary tract. The Pelvic Centre also off ers help to women with chronic pelvic pain of gynaecological, urological, gastroenterological, muscle-skeletal or psychological origin. We treat gynaecological problems, such as bleeding disorders, endometriosis, adenomyosis, ovarian cysts, polyps and myomas. However, because some women also experience sexual disorders, our experts also treat problems, such as pain during sexual intercourse and a dry vagina.

    31. 12. 2015
    The programme for healthy sleep includes diagnostics, various therapies, breathing disturbance monitoring during sleep and advice on how to overcome sleep problems. We also offer information on an appropriate sleep hygiene, a healthy lifestyle and maintaining an appropriate body weight, a change of lifestyle, nutrition and physical activity.

    31. 12. 2015
    In addition to general otorhinolaryngological diagnostics and outpatient surgical treatments, the clinic carries out targeted examinations, the diagnosis of breathing disruptions during sleep, counselling and various forms of therapies and surgeries.
  • Renovated Rogaška Medical Centre

    23. 9. 2015
    We are happy and proud to invite you to the renovated Rogaška Medical Centre, which not only takes pride in its new design, but also its new programmes: A preventive programme for amateur athletes, a Clinic for healthy sleeping and a Pelvic centre.
  • Specialized programmes for children

    12. 5. 2015
    Are you concerned because your child often complains about stomach pain? Is he often bloated, has diarrhoea or heartburn? Do you have trouble regulating his body weight? Do you wish you could help to eliminate his health problems and make his childhood more pleasant?
  • Programmes for the assessment of food intolerance

    30. 3. 2015
    Food intolerance is a negative reaction to food, beverages or food additives. With the help of a nutritionist, the way to a life without food intolerance symptoms is faster and closer.
  • Donat Mg Detox programmes

    30. 3. 2015
    Detoxify your body and flush out the toxins which accumulate in the body due to an improper and irregular diet, inappropriate environment and a stressful lifestyle.