23. 1. 2017

A malignant melanoma may occur anywhere on the skin and at any time, even in young people. The number of newly discovered melanoma, the most dangerous skin cancer type, in Slovenia is rising. The newest acquisition of Medical center Rogaška in the field of dermatology is a system for preventive skin examinations FotoFinder bodystudio, the only device of the type in Slovenia. It represents a leading medical technology for early detection of skin cancer, combining full body imaging, digital dermatoscopy, an individual analysis of moles, as well as the storage of data for tracking the development of skin efflorescences.
The most advanced digital system for skin analysis FotoFinder bodystudio allows for a more reliable assessment of moles than examinations with a manual dermatoscope. The skin structure is zoomed-in 20–140 times, whereas a manual dermatoscope only allows for a 10–20-time zoom.
FotoFinder bodystudio features:

• Assessment and tracking of moles through time
• Diagnosis of cancer and precancerous skin efflorescences
• Early identification a melanomas, which is the most dangerous skin cancer type (if discovered in the late stages, it can pose a threat to life)
• Monitoring of skin structures that cannot be noticed with the naked eye, a magnifying glass or a manual dermatoscope
• Full body imaging with an automatic detection of suspicious changes; based on these data, a specialist dermatologist will advise further treatment