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A specialist in diagnostics and therapy of the consequences resulting from injury and degenerative diseases of the locomotor system., 14. 9. 2017

Peter Kurila, MD, specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine,

is a specialist in diagnostics and therapy of the consequences resulting from injury and degenerative diseases of the locomotor system. He is the only doctor in Slovenia who graduated from the method of dynamic neuromuscular stabilization. With this method the patient’s pain, resulting from incorrect motion habits, is eliminated safely and efficiently. These motion habits often promote the wear of the cartilage or other soft-tissue structures. The doctor will prescribes the most effective type of physical therapy for your diagnosis. Various techniques of manual medicine and medicinal preparations for an increased regeneration of the damaged locomotor system structures (collagen, hyaluronic acid, corticosteroid blockades, etc.) are applied. Ask him about his expert opinion as a physiotherapist, whether surgery (spine, hip, knee, shoulder) is necessary, and with which other forms of treatment could help you achieve the same or better results.






Specialist examination


Follow–up specialist examination


Administration of vitamin C


Administration of hyaluronic acid Suplasyn


Administration of collagen – small area


Administration of collagen – large area






Administration of vitamin C      

A chronic deficiency of vitamin C in the body may cause diminished functioning of the immune system and slow down the biochemical processes. Consequently, frequent infections, constant exhaustion and even serious cardiovascular disease may occur. The intravenous administration of vitamin C with the intention to replenish the reserves in the body is recommended after surgeries and for rheumatic, diabetic patients, patients with heart disease, etc. Before the intravenous administration of vitamin C it is necessary to consult a doctor, who will prescribe the appropriate dose and frequency of the administration of vitamin C by considering any contraindications.

Administration of hyaluronic acid Suplasyn

The administration of hyaluronic acid into the knee joint improves the lubrication and the absorption of shocks, which can damage the cartilage. In this way a decrease in pain and stiffness as well as a slowing of arthrosis progression can be achieved. The treatment of knee wear may include only a single injection, which is a big advantage compared to the older hyaluronic acid preparations used in the past. A specialist doctor will assess, whether Suplasyn is the right choice for you.

Administration of collagen

Thirty percent of the protein in the body is composed of collagen: tendons, ligaments, muscles, joint capsules, cartilage, etc. Tendons and ligaments contain 70–80% of collagen. Researchers have found that the administration of collagen to the injured area helps the wound heal, restores the joint cartilage, ligaments, tendons as well as the fascia.

The administration of collagen into the soft tissues is an innovative and efficient approach to the treatment of acute and chronic damage and wear of joints. The maximum benefit of the treatment through collagen administration directly into the tissue is expected in the first three months after the injury or the occurrence of the symptoms of overstraining, since that is the time when the tissue healing processes are active.

The collagen deficiency in the tissue is replaced in a natural way and without any side effects. This enables the regenerative process of the tissue, which is essential for the long term improvement of the joints. An additional advantage of collagen injections is that they don’t have to be administered directly into the joints, it is enough if they are administered in the proximity of the joints. In this way we can avoid any possible complications when administering the medicine into the joint.