Balneology is one of the oldest sciences as it examines the methods of treatment using natural healing remedies known to humans for centuries. These natural healing remedies may be used for the prevention, treatment or rehabilitation of various medical conditions. 

Balneology represents knowledge of procedures in balneotherapy, where natural mineral waters are used for medical purposes for treatment drinks, baths or inhalation, carbon dioxide in dry or water baths, different wraps from peloids and herbs and climatic conditions.

Based on a careful check-up and discussion with the guest or patient, balneologists advise on the type, sequence and proper combination of the procedures. If necessary, they advise on complementary specialist treatment with one of our experts in the institution.

The healing power of Rogaška water is proven by a number of analyses and research and countless satisfied guests from Slovenia and abroad. The natural healing factors, professional medical treatment, the complete services and friendliness of the staff are those things that attract people and give them a reason to come again.