Donat Mg – natural mineral water with the highest magnesium content – more than 1,000 milligrams per litre.

The history of Donat Mg natural water

The history of Donat natural water dates back to the Romans, as evidenced by numerous coins from that time, which were found in the springs, where they were thrown to gain the favour of the gods. In 1572, the Swiss alchemist Leonhard Thurneysser performed and published the first analysis of the water from Sveti križ. Important people at that time visited the springs of health.  

In 1680, the court physician and professor at the Vienna Medical University, Dr Paul Sorbait published the book Praxis Medicae, in which he has described the water from Rogaška Slatina. He started to prescribe the mineral water from Rogaška Slatina to his eminent patients and thereby ensuring its place in medical practice. Physicians throughout the empire began to prescribe different mineral water drinking treatments, and in the Graz hospital the famous water was tested as a clinical medicine. The reputation of the Rogaška water spread throughout the Habsburg Empire and far beyond its borders to Greece and Egypt.


Cations mg
Ammonium 1.05
Lithium 3.3
Sodium 1,500
Potassium 13
Magnesium 1,030
Calcium 380
Strontium 6.8
Iron < 0.1
Manganese 0.17


Anions mg
Fluoride 0.23
Chloride 59
Bromide 0.29
Iodide 0.08
Nitrate < 2
Nitrite < 0.007
Sulphate 2,400
Hydrogen phosphate < 0.02
Hydrogen carbonate 7,700

Non-disintegratable compounds

Non-disintegratable compounds
Metaboric acid 16.6
Metasilicic acid 156
Dissolved carbon dioxide approx. 3,800

Properties and effects of Donat Mg

Natural mineral waters are the subject of many researches by experts. You can read more about the properties and effects of Donat Mg in professional literature of recognised domestic and foreign authors.