Origin and composition of the natural mineral water

It is characteristic for natural mineral waters to already meet hygienic and bacteriological standards at the source. The purity of the water is as a result of the great depths from which these waters originate. Natural mineral waters, such as the Donat Mg mineral water, are waters from the underground with special fixed chemical and physical qualities. On its course through the earth's inner depths, the water vigorously wears away the stones due to its physical and chemical properties, impacted by pressure, temperature and gases. The impact is increased by the presence of carbon dioxide.

This is how aqueous solutions come into existence, which differentiate from each other in terms of the quantity and diversity of the dissolved mineral substances they contain. The diversity of the dissolved mineral substances in the natural mineral waters is dependent on the underground environment through which the water flows, the depth of the water paths and the length of time the water has been in its underground tract.

In the period of highly developed medicine with numerous effective drugs and methods of treatment, it is hard to imagine that the natural springs have remained equally attractive, as they were in the past centuries, and that people resort to them more and more.

Donat Mg is recommended for:

  • Disorders of the gall bladder, bile ducts, conditions following gall bladder and bile duct surgery, chronic disorders of the pancreas
  • Liver disorders, bloating in the stomach
  • Diabetes, increased uric acid levels, increased cholesterol levels
  • Constipation (obstipation)
  • Disorders of the stomach and duodenum
  • Increased stomach acid levels (acid reflux)
  • Obesity, increased body weight
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Healthy people, to feel better
  • Anxiety disorders (stress), headaches, migraines
  • A lack of magnesium and an increased need for magnesium (due to pregnancy, physical activity, etc.)
  • Reducing the likelihood of the recurrence or formation of calcium oxalate stones, cystine stones and urinary stones

Because it is richer in magnesium than any other natural mineral water, it is also recommended for normal muscle contractions, including those of the heart muscle. Magnesium itself affects electrolyte balance, nerve functions and the transmission of nerve impulses, the construction of proteins and normal metabolism. It is also required for the growth and division of cells, as a factor in tissue growth and for the growth and structure of bones and teeth.
The magnesium content in Donat Mg natural mineral water makes it suitable for cases where there is an increased need for magnesium (the period of intensive growth in adolescence, pregnancy and nursing).

Donat Mg’s effects on our organism can be classified as follows:

  • The effects of Donat Mg natural mineral water on digestive organs
  • The effect of absorbed electrolytes on our organism

Donat Mg should not be drunk:  
Drinking Donat Mg is not recommended for liver failure patients or for people with any oedemic conditions. Drinking larger amounts may cause diarrhoea, which will clear up if drinking is stopped or the recommended dosage is followed.

Constipation (obstipation)

Gastrointestinal organs (the stomach and pancreas)

The night before and the morning after

Preventing the formation of gall stones

Effect on the liver

Nutrition and losing weight


Kidney stones, urinary stones (urolithiasis)

Acid–base homeostasis