Allergy and pulmonology clinic

Pulmonology treatment is recommended to all who:

Pulmonology treatment is recommended to all who:

  • cough,
  • have a hard time breathing,
  • have a fever of an unknown cause,
  • are losing weight,
  • are smokers,
  • are ex-smokers or exposed to passive inhalation of cigarette smoke,
  • have a family history of lung cancer.

Pulmonology treatment includes a specialist examination, x-ray of the lung in two projections, spirometry and inflammatory parameters.

Allergology treatment is recommended to all who experience:

  • constant runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, itching of the nose and eyes,
  • itching and rashes on the skin, eczema,
  • asthma or beep in their chest, have hard time breathing and are coughing,
  • suspected food allergies,
  • allergology treatment includes a specialist examination, skin (injection) testing to standard inhalation and nutritional allergens (20 of the most common allergens), spirometry and determination of the total serum IgE.

Specialist doctor

Ivanka Bračun, MD

Specialist in internal medicine and balneology

At the Rogaška Medical Centre she worked as a balneologist, and later as the head of cardiac activity. She completed her post-graduate education in the field of clinical allergology and asthma, and obtained a license in transthoracic ultrasound of the heart. She is a member of the Slovenian Respiratory Society and the Slovenian and European allergology and immunology sector.

Ivanka Bračun, MD

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Specialist examination with a pulmonologist
63,00 € 63,00 €