Basic weight loss programme

The modern integrated programme is carried out under medical supervision and with the use of effective medical procedures.

Losing weight in a healthy way

The Rogaška Medical Centre offers a modernly designed complete weight loss programme, conducted under medical supervision and using procedures and devices medically proven to be effective and which have been tested in practice.

  • Medical examination – the basis for the preparation of an individual programme
  • One of the keys to success is the Donat Mg healing mineral water
  • Healthy food combinations without starving, and recommendations concerning dietary habits
  • Physical activity – kinesiology training including initial and final testing and home exercising tips
  • Beneficial balneologic therapies – for overcoming fatigue and gathering strength, releasing tension
  • Individually designed prescribed programme

The programme includes:

  • medical examination by a balneologist;
  • body composition measurement;
  • ECG, laboratory tests (haemogram, blood sugar, lipidogram, TSH);
  • follow-up medical examination by a balneologist;
  • nutrition consultation, proposed weight loss diet in writing;
  • daily kinesiological training with a personal trainer;
  • 1 balneological procedure per day, individually chosen upon the doctor’s recommendation;
  • treatment with the Donat Mg healing mineral water from the spring, three times a day;
Programme price:
7 days 830.00 €