Donat Detox programmes

Detoxify your body and flush out the toxins which accumulate in the body due to an improper and irregular diet, inappropriate environment and a stressful lifestyle.

Are you experiencing frequent headaches, common colds, irregular digestion, allergies, swelling, heartburn, insomnia, mood disorders, joint pain, forgetfulness, food hypersensitivity, elevated blood pressure and cholesterol...? Our detoxification programme can boost your health, improve your physical and psychological well-being, reduce the bloated feeling in your stomach, regulate your digestion and restore the radiance to your skin. It can help reduce allergies, joint pain and strengthen the immune system.

The programme includes:

  • medical examination by a balneologist;
  • nutrition consultation;
  • treatment with the Donat healing mineral water from the spring, three times a day;
  • Thalgo algae wraps with peeling;
  • individual kinesiology training;
  • mineral bath;
  • soda bath;
  • lymph drainage therapy;
  • pressotherapy;
  • detox massage;
  • nutritional supplement for cleaning the liver.
  • PRIMUS DETOX DONAT (7–10 days)
  • MAGNUS DETOX DONAT (21 days)


The programme is carried out in cooperation with Grand Hotel Donat, which offers accommodation and modified diets.