Gastro programme

With checks and therapies, the programme will help eliminate stomach pain, heartburn or problems with your stomach and metabolism.

For relieving chronic gastroenterological problems.

When you wish to alleviate gastric, digestion, metabolism problems, when you want to eliminate occasional stomach pain, flatulence and heartburn, or minimize constipation and incontinence related issues, then you should let our medical personnel as well as other employees at the Rogaška Medical Centre with extensive experience in the medical field and which specializes in the treatment of gastroenterological diseases, take care of you.

The programme includes:

  • specialist examination by a gastroenterologist;
  • additional diagnostics at the discretion of a specialist for an additional payment (gastroscopy, colonoscopy, breathing test, ultrasound);
  • body composition measurement and nutrition consultation
  • treatment with the Donat Mg healing mineral water from the spring, three times a day;
  • laboratory tests package;
  • 2 mineral baths and 2 magnesium baths;
  • 2 medical manual massages (40 minutes);
  • 1 magnesium oil massage (30 minutes);
  • 2 reflexive foot massages or colon/abdominal massage;
  • 1 Soft pack | water bed with magnesium wrap.
Programme price:
7 days 580.00 €