News and notifications

  • MRI examinations

    21. 12. 2017
    The Rogaška Medical Centre has been performing ultrasounds and X-rays for decades, and now we take pride in the latest acquisition in the field of radiology – magnetic resonance imaging.
  • New: kardiology

    1. 12. 2017
    Now a medical examination can be carried out by using the 3D ultrasound device.
  • New: gastroenterology

    1. 12. 2017
    We want to bring you, our dear guests, closer to us, since there are so many of you, waiting for endoscopic examinations (gastroscopy, colonoscopy).
  • New: physiotherapy

    1. 12. 2017
    Guests, who use our physiotherapy services, will now feel even better at our medical center. Services can now again be used on the 12th floor, which has been completely renovated (altogether almost 400m2).
  • ACI-Platinum certificate

    1. 12. 2017
    The good results are just a confirmation that we are on the right path to achieve an even better and more successful goal for the benefit of our guests.
  • New services offered at the physiatric clinic

    14. 9. 2017
    A specialist in diagnostics and therapy of the consequences resulting from injury and degenerative diseases of the locomotor system.
  • Neurological clinic

    11. 8. 2017
    In September our neurological clinic will begin operating at the Rogaška Medical Centre.
  • Carboxitherapy with CO₂ injections

    20. 6. 2017
    Quick and painless procedure for achieving visible results.
  • The magnesium renaissance

    1. 6. 2017
    We invite you to experience the immeasurable richness of our magnesium and let it become the source of your health and beauty. For you we have prepared a one-of-a-kind programme, which is the product of the cooperation between nature and the many years of experience of our experts.
  • Therapy with fractional lasers eCO₂ and Erbium

    10. 5. 2017
    The most modern technology for rejuvenation, we could only dream of about two decades ago, is available today at the Rogaška Medical Centre.