10. 5. 2017

Therapy with fractional lasers eCO₂ and Erbium

The most modern technology for rejuvenation, we could only dream of about two decades ago, is available today at the Rogaška Medical Centre.

The most modern technology for a thorough rejuvenation.

“Beauty is the state of the body and soul. The beauty of the soul is in our hands, whereas the beauty of the body can be improved by our aesthetic plastic surgeons who ensure your appearance is fresh and youthful." Assist. Zdenko Orožim, MD, specialist in general, plastic and reconstructive surgery

A Fractional eCO₂ laser is intended to reduce the scars on the face and body due to acne, as well as those which arise due to lacerations from injuries or surgery, and after burns and skin grafting. It smooths the small wrinkles on the face, rough and uneven skin, reduces enlarged pores and increases the firmness of moderately sagging skin. It also allows the removal of malign skin eruptions and age spots as well as pigment irregularities which create an old appearance of the skin. After the treatment, stretch marks on the body and limbs are also less noticeable. Recovery takes three to ten days.  

The Action II erbium YAG laser is intended for a gentler rejuvenation of the facial skin. Recovery takes three days. The laser is perfect for refreshing your skin a couple of days before important events at which you want to glow with the complete freshness of your face. Even more – your lips too can look more youthful, have a silky texture and a more vibrant red colour. 

“Knowledge of the skin and its characteristics together with state of the art technology allows us to successfully combat the signs of ageing. A youthful appearance can be achieved with the help of various procedures and treatments which are individually adjusted.” Janja Šmid, MD, specialist in dermatovenerology