20. 6. 2017

Carboxitherapy with CO₂ injections

Quick and painless procedure for achieving visible results.

Rejuvenation, body sculpting, pain reduction

Carbon dioxide is a colourless and tasteless gas that is naturally present in our body as the end product of metabolism. It affects the dilation of blood vessels – increases the blood circulation and oxygen supply in the tissues. It is injected into the skin and subcutaneous tissue with the purpose of rejuvenation (face, neck, under-eye circles), to reduce cellulite, scars and stretch marks. It is used to reduce pain in the neck, lower back, shoulders, knees and other joints and muscle pain and knots.

The procedure can be repeated every other day in line with the principle “more gas for a better effect”. We recommend 6 to 8 procedures. For pain reduction, it can be used in combination with other physiotherapeutic procedures, for aesthetic dermatology, COinjections can be used as a preparation for fillings and platelet-rich plasma skin rejuvenation procedure, and for cellulite reduction, in combination with lymphatic drainage, heltor injections and other body-sculpting procedures.


A bruise can appear at the injection site. Procedure is not suitable for people with cardiac, renal or hepatic failure, in case of irregular blood pressure, anemia, vein or skin inflammation at the injection site, stroke in history, for pregnant women or treatment with carbonic anhydrase inhibitor or metformin.