21. 12. 2017

MRI examinations

The Rogaška Medical Centre has been performing ultrasounds and X-rays for decades, and now we take pride in the latest acquisition in the field of radiology – magnetic resonance imaging.

Our region was long deprived of high quality diagnostic radiology technology; using the latest MRI device – Siemens Avanto Fit 1.5 T, the Rogaška Medical Centre carries out preventive examinations of the whole body and examinations of individual body parts. The Rogaška Medical Centre is the most recognizable by gastroenterological activities, which is upgraded with this new technology. 

The device enables:

  • MRI examinations of the abdomen (liver, pancreas, kidneys, adrenal glands, spleen, prostate, bile system (MRCP), enterography), 
  • the nerve system, brains and spinal cord, 
  • muscle-skeletal system (also MR arthrography), and 
  • preventive examinations of breasts, prostate and the entire body.
The holder of this activity is a radiology specialist Petra Mrkša, MD, who deals with interventional radiology and MRI in the field of the muscular-skeletal pathology. She has been performing various diagnostic tests of the muscular-skeletal system for years, especially in case of sports injuries. She has been helping different sports clubs together with sports medicine doctors for years for them to obtain timely care or diagnosis. She is a member of the Olympic Reference Sports Medicine Centre in Celje and the Handball Federation of Slovenia.