2. 11. 2018

Prolotherapy and PIT

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Prolotherapy is a complementary method for the treatment of joint pain and perijoint structures. Natural solution, usually glucose in 15–25% concentration, is injected into the soft tissue of the affected joint and stimulates natural healing processes in the body, which helps the joints to reinforce.

For whom is prolotherapy suitable?

Prolotherapy is used on injured, painful or degeneratively modified joints (shoulder, hip, knee, elbow, spine) and perijoint structures (ligaments, tendons).

How does it work?

A small amount of mild glucose solution is injected into the painful spot with loose ligaments and tendons, which provokes the natural response of the body – inflammation occurs on this spot. This inflammation induces growth and renewal of connective tissue in ligaments and tendons, which reinforces the affected structure.

Is the procedure painful?

The spot is treated with local anaesthetic before injecting the glucose solution, thus the procedure is the least painful possible.

PIT is a special method for the treatment of chronic neuropathic pain.

For whom is PIT suitable?

For persons with acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain (pain in the neck, lower back, joints etc.), complex regional pain syndrome (Sudeck), neuralgias. Treatment is effective and safe even with pain associated with sport, work or injuries.

How does it work?

The pain is supposedly caused by a neurogenic inflammation due to imbalances in the group C nerve fibres. The pain pathway is inhibited with the infiltration into the superficial skin nerve fibres.