Rogaška Slatina, 22. 10. 2022

NEW - Proctology clinic

The Medical center Rogaška has expanded its range of activities with proctology clinic services.

The proctology clinic carries out diagnostics and conservative and surgical treatment of patients with various disorders of the rectum and anus.

The new proctology clinic of the Medical Center Rogaška treats problems with haemorrhoids and anal thrombosis, anal fissures or cracks, inflammatory processes (fistulae, abscess, pilonidal sinus), bowel prolapse, anal warts, anorectal pain, faecal incontinence and constipation.

Proctology examination requires no prior preparation at home. The fear of the examination is unnecessary, the examination may only be slightly unpleasant. Bowel cleaning during examination with a proctoscope or anoscope is not required, minor procedures may also be performed. Preparation according to the instructions is only required for rectoscopy – patients receive instructions by mail or in person.

Price list

Proctology clinic Price?
First specialist examination with proctoscopy
  90.00 €
Follow-up specialist examination with proctoscopy
  70.00 €
Consultation with a specialist
  60.00 €
Consultation and check-up with a specialist, review of patient records and second opinion
  110.00 €
Rectoscopy examination
  90.00 €
Rubber band ligation
  45.00 €
Incision of thrombosed haemorrhoid under local anaesthesia
  150.00 €
Excision of anal polyp under local anaesthesia
  200.00 €
Excision/electroresection of anal papilla under local anaesthesia
  200.00 €
Excision of anal skin tag under local anaesthesia
  150.00 €
Removal of anal warts under local anaesthesia
  150.00 €
IR coagulation of haemorrhoid
  30.00 €
Histology (1 bottle)
  96.00 €
Anal dilator set
  30.00 €
Cream for treating fissures and haemorrhoids
  12.00 €