Rogaška Slatina, 17. 3. 2023

NEW - Cannabinoid Clinic

Medicine and also pharmacy have already identified the potential of cannabinoids in maintaining health and treating various medical conditions.

Rogaška Medical Center, which has been pursuing the spa treatment tradition in Rogaška Slatina with the healing mineral water Donat for 400 years, combines the knowledge of top balneology specialists and the healing power of balneology on one side and healing effects of cannabinoids and the knowledge of experts in the field on the other. The knowledge, experience, the effect of balneotherapy procedures and the effect of cannabinoids laid the groundwork for the programmes in the following areas:
  • insomnia,
  • anxiety/depression,
  • burnout,
  • migraine,
  • strengthening of the immune system.
The operators of the programmes are Tanja Bagar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, and Željko Perdija, M.D., Assistant. The programmes are carried out in cooperation with our own doctors specialists – balneologists: Nataša Nikolič, MD, Peter Kurila, MD, and mag. Irena Bajc, MD.

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Cannabinoid Specialists

Tanja Bagar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

microbiologist | doctor of biomedical sciences
Tanja Bagar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, graduated in microbiology at the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, and received the Prešeren Award for her bachelor thesis. She continued postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, and received a Ph.D. in the field of biomedical sciences. She is the CEO and Chairman of the Expert Council of the International Institute for Cannabinoids (ICANNA). She lectures microbiology and topics o ecoremediation at the Faculty  Alma Mater Europaea and cooperates scientifically with the Austrian College of Health and Development.  She is a member of the Pomurje Academy of Arts and Sciences, Slovenian Biochemical Society, the Slovenian Association of Psychologists and is one of the founders of the society for the preservation and protection of the environment. She has extensive research experience gained in laboratories at the National Institute of Chemistry, Biotechnical Faculty, the National Laboratory of Health, Environment and Food, the Topolšica Hospital, and abroad at the Institute for Microbiology and Genetics at the Georg-August University in Göttingen in Germany, and the Institute for Cell Biology of the University of Edinburgh. 
Tanja Bagar, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Asist. Željko Perdija, MD

gastroenterologist | hepatologist
Željko Perdija, M.D., Assistant, after graduating from the Faculty of Medicine, acquired his licence and completed his post-graduate studies on ultrasound use in gastroenterology and hepatology in Zagreb, he specialized in internal medicine, passed all exams at the doctoral study programme at the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb, a theoretical and practical test in flexible bronchoscopy and additional training at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana on digestive endoscopy. He has completed an intensive four week e-education program Concepts of Cannabis Science I, carried out by Kenevir Research (Oregon, USA), and also follow-up program Concepts of Cannabis Science II. He is a member of the Governing Board and expert associate of the Institute (ICANNA). As a provider of medical examinations, he participates in the national program for early colorectal cancer detection, SVIT. He obtained habilitation as an assistant at the Faculty of Medicine in Maribor and gained experience as a lecturer by teaching at the the Medical School in Maribor. He acquired his clinical experience at the University Medical Centre Maribor, University Clinic of Respiratory and Allergic Diseases Golnik, General Hospital Ptuj and with his work for health care centres. 

Asist. Željko Perdija, MD