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Molecular biophysical stimulation therapy

MBST stimulates the regenerative processes of the soft tissue, cartilage, and bones.

The uniqueness of the therapeutic magnetic resonance MBST lies in addressing the root cause of the problem, not just reducing the pain.
  • long-lasting effect
  • no surgical intervention
  • no injections
  • no painkillers
  • no side effects

MBST stimulates the regenerative processes of the soft tissue, cartilage, and bones. As a result, the inflammation and pain subside. This method is mainly used for degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The therapeutic energy from the MBST device is first accumulated and then released from the hydrogen protons of the cells in the area of therapeutic effect. The specific electromagnetic fields generated by MBST have a targeted effect on strictly defined cell types in the body. This way, we can selectively affect cartilage, ligament,
tendon, or bone cells. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, your doctor will set up a programme that operates the MBST device over a series of one-hour sessions (5, 7, or 9 days).

The uniqueness of MBST therapy is that the energy for regeneration of the damaged tissue is released in the very cells that are being treated. All other types of physical therapy are different. They achieve a therapeutic effect indirectly by external action, thus affecting all tissue within the range of the device, non-specifically/generally (laser, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, ultrasound, etc.).

Areas of MBST use:
  • arthrosis of peripheral joints (shoulder, hip, knee)
  • osteoporosis and osteopaenia
  • speeding up the fracture healing process
  • aseptic necrosis
  • sports injuries to cartilage, muscles, tendons, and ligaments
  • degenerative diseases of the spine (disc protrusions and herniation, spondylarthrosis, sciatica)

Stimulate the regeneration of the locomotor system in a natural way.

The clinical effectiveness of MBST was proved in medical studies more than 20 years ago. To this day, there are no known side effects after a MBST therapy. Many patients have successfully avoided or delayed surgery by several years with MBST, whilst maintaining joint function and controlling the pain without side effects.

Price list

Molecular biophysical stimulation therapy Price?
MBST knee arthrosis ?
  from 550.00 €
MBST arthrosis of the spine ?
  from 550.00 €
MBST hip arthrosis ?
  from 550.00 €
MBST shoulder arthrosis ?
  from 550.00 €
MBST disc ?
  990.00 €
MBST osteo extremities ?
  990.00 €
MBST osteo body ?
  990.00 €
MBST tendons ?
  from 550.00 €
MBST muscles ?
  from 550.00 €
MBST ligaments ?
  from 770.00 €