Rogaška Slatina, 29. 9. 2023

NEW – oral surgery and the option of general anaesthesia

Are you missing one or more teeth? We can help. Dentistry and oral surgery, now also under general anaesthesia.

Medical Center Rogaška has expanded its range of activities in the dental clinic to include oral surgery. All procedures can also be performed under general anaesthesia.

Research has shown that the loss of a tooth can gradually lead to the collapse of the entire bite and the loss of several other teeth. Missing teeth cause teeth movement and bite problems, can affect the appearance of the face, and can lead to headaches, speech problems, and neck tension. The best solution is dental implants.

Difficulties with sitting still, fear of dental surgery, fear of pain, and reluctance to have an aspirator in the mouth can all be alleviated with procedures under general anaesthesia.
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