News and notifications

  • Pelvic centre

    30. 5. 2016
    Experts at the Pelvic Centre carry out the diagnosis and treatment of disorders in the functioning of the lower urinary tract.
  • Iellios Ion Magnum

    30. 5. 2016
    The Ion Magnum activates muscles with stimuli, which are similar to those our brain produces when we are physically active at the gym, but without muscle pain the next day.
  • Otorhinolaryngology clinic

    31. 12. 2015
    In addition to general otorhinolaryngological diagnostics and outpatient surgical treatments, the clinic carries out targeted examinations, the diagnosis of breathing disruptions during sleep, counselling and various forms of therapies and surgeries.
  • Healthy sleep clinic

    31. 12. 2015
    The programme for healthy sleep includes diagnostics, various therapies, breathing disturbance monitoring during sleep and advice on how to overcome sleep problems.
  • Renovated Rogaška Medical Centre

    21. 9. 2015
    We are happy and proud to invite you to the renovated Rogaška Medical Centre, which not only takes pride in its new design, but also its new programmes: A preventive programme for amateur athletes, a Clinic for healthy sleeping and a Pelvic centre.