Mole mapping

Skin moles should be monitored regularly, since dangerous skin lesions may form from them.

A qualified doctor can set the diagnosis based on the appearance of skin changes, basing it on the knowledge of the combination of different criteria, and on algorithms designed in recent years.


Mole mapping – dermatoscopy

Using an electronic dermatoscope (Fotofinder), a doctor reviews, take pictures and saves the pictures of moles. Repeat imaging of these after a certain amount of time allows us to compare the current state with an older image and to identify changes, which may lead to the formation of dangerous skin lesions. In such cases, surgical removal is advised, along with an histological analysis.

Price list

Price? Season B?
Imaging of one change
25,00 € 25,00 €
Examination of up to 3 moles
95,00 € 95,00 €
Examination of 4–20 moles
120,00 € 120,00 €
Examination of 21–50 moles
140,00 € 140,00 €
Examination of over 50 moles
150,00 € 150,00 €
ATBM (digital body imaging)
80,00 € 80,00 €
Extended ATBM (photofinder, dermoscopy, analysis)
150,00 € 150,00 €