Hand care

Hands say a lot about a person and are more noticeable than we would expect. They help us articulate, we use them to caress a person, work, even speak, to alleviate pain and heal. Hands protect, defend, speak...

Have you ever counted how many times per day you wash your hands? If you consider that your skin needs 24 hours to restore its natural pH, and you compare this with washing your hands several times a day, one should really think about it.

Therefore, there are many reasons to dedicate more or enough attention to hands.

Price list

Price? Season B?
Therapeutic manicure with paraffin (manicure, hand peeling, cream application, paraffin hand wrap)
60 min 29,00 € 29,00 €
40 min 17,00 € 17,00 €
Paraffin hand wrap
15 min 11,00 € 11,00 €