Our centre unites a team of leading and renowned experts from different fields.


With nature on pathway to health

Natural factors are the basis of balneotherapy among which Donat Mg natural spring mineral water is especially unique. During treatment with natural healing agents, the right type, combination and sequence of the selected procedures and supervision over their implementation is important. We are proud to say that we received the SQ – Slovenian quality certificate for balneotherapy which is a confirmation of the high quality of our services.


Specialists on your pathway to health

At the Rogaška Medical Centre, your health is in the hands of leading and renowned experts working according to the latest discoveries from their field of expertise. The basis for the diagnostics is a specialist examination with state of the art diagnostic equipment providing accurate testing and analyses. Based on the results and individual examination, the specialist doctor will prescribe the type of treatment and complementary therapies which make the treatment faster and more effective. The Accreditation Canada International certification proves the excellent quality of the services and the safety of the procedures according to the international standards of excellency in the quality of health treatment.


Professionalism on your pathway

Sometimes we need more invasive procedures to eliminate pain or aesthetic imperfections. At the Rogaška Medical Centre, we have a team of top experts with many years of experience which guarantee that the surgical procedure will be successful.


The pathway to a painless life

Physiotherapy is a medical science which uses physical substances and forces for therapeutic purposes. The purpose of physical therapy is to develop, maintain and re-establish optimal motion and functional skills in all stages of life. Our clinic is known for its individual approach based on which professionally trained and experienced physiotherapists perform therapy or a combination of therapies.

Dermatology and beauty

Confidently on pathway to beauty

There are many ways to achieve beauty but they all have a common objective: your well-being, satisfaction and confidence. Leave the worry about your beautiful and healthy appearance to our experts who can give you advice on the most appropriate technique and non-surgical procedures to eliminate your problems. Professional knowledge, state of the art equipment and verified cosmetic products guarantee you an attractive and youthful look in your later years as well.

Massages and pampering

On pathway to well-being

A massage will positively influence your health and therefore represents an natural method of improving and maintaining health. Relaxation of the body and calming the soul can promote well-being and open up a pathway to health. At the Rogaška Medical Centre, we want to help you on this pathway with our knowledge and a lot of experience.

Health spa treatment

Comprehensive health spa treatment

At the Rogaška health spa, we have been looking after the health of our guests since the year1594. The Rogaška Medical Centre is also the largest, oldest and only Slovenian spa for the rehabilitation of patients which is registered for health spa treatment after gastroenterological and endocrinological diseases (type 8 standard). Satisfied visitors and several hundred years of successful work prove that health spa treatment really helps with faster rehabilitation, the reduction of functional problems and the improvement of the quality of life.