Fango wraps

Heat wraps have a beneficial impact on rheumatic diseases, pain in the joints and muscles, and colds.

Heat has a beneficial effect on the body, so it is often used for treatment.

We use wrap with natural remedies:

  • peloid fango wrap

Fango wrap

Fango is a peloid (mud) wrap of natural volcanic clay (bentonite). It supplies heat to the body and retains it for a long time. Beside the thermal effect which relieves pain and is indispensable in the treatment of rheumatic, degenerative and other diseases, the chemical effect is also of great importance, as the mud is rich in minerals which influence the affected organ through the skin.

Due to the complexity of the therapy and the number of contraindications associated with blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, swelling etc., mud wraps can only be prescribed by a doctor.

Price list

Fango – mud wraps Price?
1 unit
  23.00 €
2 units
  30.00 €
3 units
  34.00 €
4 units
  40.00 €
5 units
  42.00 €
6 or more units ?
  46.00 €