Medical examination with a balneologist

Balneology specialists determine the type, sequence and correct combination of procedures based on a detailed examination.

All the procedures at our centre are under the supervision of doctors and performed by experts with an abundance of experience and vast amount of knowledge.

Balneology specialists determine the type, sequence and correct combination of procedures by considering all the indications and contraindications based on a detailed examination and eventual additional tests.

It is not recommended to alter the programme prescribed by the doctor. It is adapted to the individual needs of the guest and only a correct combination and performance of the procedures can guarantee the optimum effect on the health and well-being.

Doctors specialists

Suzana Lazarova, MD

Specialist in internal medicine | balneologist
She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Skopje in 1986 and continued her studies in abdominal ultrasound, diabetes, asthma and haemodialysis and in 1995 completed her specialization in internal medicine. She has been the head of the department for the treatment and rehabilitation of the digestive tract and digestion-related diseases at the Rogaška Medical Centre since 2004. She actively participates at international congresses, where she lectures on the Rogaška Medical Centre, Donat Mg mineral water, and the health spa treatment in Rogaška Slatina.
Suzana Lazarova, MD

Irena Bajc, MD

Specialist in family medicine | balneologist
She completed a Master’s degree in biomedicine. At the Rogaška Medical Centre, she works in the field of balneology and acupuncture, and has been continuing her studies in the field of pain-relief therapy. She has cooperated as a professional head in the project to obtain the Accreditation Canada certificate, which we obtained in 2014 for the quality and safety of our services according to international standards.
Irena Bajc, MD

Ivanka Bračun, MD

Specialist in internal medicine | balneologist, pulmonologist
At the Rogaška Medical Centre she worked as a balneologist, and later as the head of cardiac activity. She completed her post-graduate education in the field of clinical allergology and asthma, and obtained a license in transthoracic ultrasound of the heart. She is a member of the Slovenian Respiratory Society and the Slovenian and European allergology and immunology sector.
Ivanka Bračun, MD

Marjana Kužnar Jugovar, MD

Specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine | balneologist

After completing her studies she was employed at the Health Spa as a doctor balneologist until she finished a specialist examination in physical and rehabilitation medicine. Later, she ran the Clinic for balneo-physiotherapy at the Health Spa. As a private doctor – concessionaire in Rogaška Slatina, she completed a post-graduate school in acupuncture and Cyriax. She has been an external collaborator at the Rogaška Medical Centre throughout this time.

Marjana Kužnar Jugovar, MD

Nada Ranisav Lartey, MD

Specialist in general medicine | balneologist

She is a mentor for general medicine. Among other things, she worked at the Institute for the transfusion and transplantation of organs in Sarajevo.

Nada Ranisav Lartey, MD

Stanko Tominc, MD

Specialist in physiotherapy | balneologist

He finished his specialization in the field of physical and rehabilitation medicine. The purpose of his work is rehabilitation after injuries and disorders of the locomotor system.

Stanko Tominc, MD

Price list

Medical examinations Price?
Medical examination with a balneologist (with therapies)
  45.00 €
Medical examination by a balneologist (without therapies)
  70.00 €
Extended balneological specialist examination by a physiatrist
  80.00 €
Follow-up Examination
  25.00 €