Laser procedures and procedures with ELOS™ technology

Provide excellent results in hair removal, eliminating red veins on the face or legs and in rejuvenation. At the dermatological clinic of the Rogaška Medical Centre, we are happy to offer you all the services of a laser clinic, the first of its kind in the Slovenian health spa offer.

Hair removal

Laser treatment can effectively remove unwanted hair. Laser energy works below the surface of the skin and destroys the hair lobes, which it reaches. It only destroys the hair, which is in the active phase of growth during the treatment, which is why treatment must be repeated a few times to achieve good results.

Vascular changes

Sometimes the appearance of tiny red veins can occur on our face and legs, usually as the result of skin diseases, hormonal changes and damage from light. In particular, the ones that appear on the face can be extremely disturbing to the majority of people. The ion energy laser system or ELOS TM technology can shrink and close such veins. In doing so, no marks remain on the skin, except some redness, which disappears the same day. It is good to know that for the elimination of annoying facial veins, treatment should be repeated three times; for the elimination of such veins in the legs, more repetitions are usually necessary. For eliminating leg veins, combined treatment with sclerotherapy is also possible. The method of treatment will be adapted by dermatologists according to your condition, specific needs and wishes.

Younger appearance

The Elos technology helps smooth out wrinkles, correct anomalies on the face, neck and décolletage as well as firms the skin. With a combination of the radio frequency system and laser energy, we stimulate the formation of skin gradients (collagen, elastine), which give the skin a youthful appearance. When the process is over, our skin has a rosy, fresh and firmer appearance. For long-term results, three to five treatments are usually needed, depending on the condition and texture of the skin.