Removal of benign skin growths

Growths which are an aesthetic nuisance are eliminated without surgery in several ways, which include a short healing process and do not leave scars.

With age, the skin of the vast majority of people develops numerous growths.

The reasons for this are different. Heredity is an important factor, but excessive long-term exposure to the sun or solarium can also have a big impact.

Before removal, they must be examined by a specialist, who is familiar with skin growths and will set a diagnosis.

Potentially dangerous growths, such as melanocytic pigment marks, must be surgically removed and subject to histological analysis. Most skin growths (fibroma and age spots)) do not pose a danger to health and may be removed by other methods, such as scraping the surface of the skin. In this case, stitches are not required; the healing process lasts as long as with ordinary scratches.

Price list

Benign skin growth removal Price?
Radiofrequency ablation – face
  from 45.00 €
Radiofrequency ablation – Body
  from 22.00 €
  from 10.00 €