Reflexotherapy – Sorensensistem

Facial reflexotherapy and reflexotherapy of the palms is deeply relaxing, pleasant and painless. It works as a natural lifting which softens up facial lines and improves the skin tone.

This unique holistic method combines traditional Chinese medicine and knowledge about acupuncture and therapeutic knowledge from the Andes and Vietnam about facial zones.

Therapies soothe and eliminate stress, and can be used in all age groups. We recommend at least five consecutive treatments for maximum effect.

Sorensen reflexotherapy of the face and palms is a deeply relaxing, pleasant and painless therapy used to improve the physical, emotional, energetic and psychological state of the entire body with a massage of the acupuncture points, and works as a natural lift and rejuvenation of the skin surface.

Positive effects of reflexotherapy:
  • improves your well-being,
  • eases the effects of stress,
  • relieves migraine headaches, pain and allergies,
  • alleviates depression.

Price list

SORENSENSISTEM Zone Therapy Price?
Face zone therapy (facial reflexology massage with lifting effect)
40 min   50.00 €
5-day face zone therapy
40 min   215.00 €
Facial reflexology with mask (facial reflexive massage with a lifting effect and mask)
60 min   69.00 €
5-day facial reflexology with mask
  295.00 €
Palm reflexology with added infrared light
40 min   39.00 €
Palm reflexology therapy with added magnesium oil
40 min   39.00 €
Palm reflexology with paraffin wax
60 min   51.00 €