A team of top experts from different areas of medicine undergo constant trainings followed by, innovations and developing new programmes.

Specialist examinations and diagnostics

At the Rogaška Medical Centre, your health is in the hands of leading and renowned experts working according to the latest discoveries from their field of expertise. The basis for the diagnostics is a specialist examination with state of the art diagnostic equipment providing accurate testing and analyses. Based on the results and individual examination, the specialist doctor will prescribe the type of treatment and complementary therapies which make the treatment faster and more effective. The Accreditation Canada International certification proves the excellent quality of the services and the safety of the procedures according to the international standards of excellency in the quality of health treatment.

MRI examinations

The Rogaška Medical Centre has been performing ultrasounds and X-rays for decades, and now we take pride in the latest acquisition in the field of radiology – magnetic resonance imaging.

Body composition analysis

A detailed analysis of the body composition is the first step towards taking preventive measures, improving health and appearance.

Nutrition consultation

A balanced diet is of great importance to maintain basic life functions and to perform different forms of life activities.

Clinical laboratory

A visit to our laboratory allows you to undergo numerous laboratory tests in a short period of time and at one location.


Traditional Chinese science treats medical conditions by building a balance of energies in the body and effectively treats headaches, stress, allergies etc.


Different check-ups for a thorough insight into your medical condition and accurate diagnostics.

Preventive managerial check-ups

After the age of 40, it is necessary to carry out a preventive examination to confirm one’s health or discover a potential threatening disease.