Body composition analysis

A detailed analysis of the body composition is the first step towards taking preventive measures, improving health and appearance.


Inbody 720 is a diagnostic device that precisely analyses the state of the human body using bioelectric impedance analysis. The device works through eight point electrodes, with electrical conductibility and with the usage of various frequencies. Bioelectric impedance devices have been widely used across the world for a while, but InBody 720 is one of the most precise and advance devices of this kind, which has been tested in several researches and clinical practice.

InBody offers:

  • measurement of body fluids, fat, proteins, minerals and an evaluation of the bone mineral density,
  • the measurement of skeletal muscles, body fat and body weight,
  • the balance of the body composition, an appraisal of health, body strength, and fitness,
  • determining obesity or a too large percentage of body fat,
  • the measurement of body fat surface surrounding the internal organs – too much of these fats represent a risk factor for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases,
  • based on the measured parameters, suitable changes regarding the body weight and composition are suggested, which are adapted to every individual patient regarding their measured physique,
  • when losing weight or regularly working out (physical activity), it shows all the changes, determines the suitability of the procedures, and helps plan future activities.

The body composition measurement

The body composition measurement is the first step towards taking preventive measures, determining the state of the body, and improving its health and appearance.

The measurement procedure will take only slightly longer than weighing on a usual personal scale. The procedure is executed by experienced medical personnel and the data are confidential. It takes approximately two minutes, during which the patient has to stand still and does not feel the device working — there is no pain or side effects.

If you have a pacemaker or any other device inserted into the body, the measurement is not possible. We would also like you to let the personnel know about any metal implants (artificial knee, hip etc.). The measurement is the most accurate on an empty stomach.

Price list

Body composition analysis including interpretation of the results
  34.00 €