Prostate cancer represents a serious danger for men after the age of 50. With a comprehensive examination it can be timely detected and cured

Are you suffering from urological problems and want a comprehensive treatment?

In this day and age, men often experience prostate difficulties. Hyperplasia is one of the most common diseases in men and causes problems with the discharge of urine. Prostate cancer represents a serious danger, though it can be cured if detected early enough. Because of this, men above the age of 50 are recommended to undergo an urological examination, while men in whose families instances of the disease have been identified, should undergo such an examination at least five to ten years earlier. Experts at the Rogaška Medical Centre will perform a complete urological and preventive examination of the prostate.

Check-up examinations include:

  • specialist examination by a urologist,
  • ultrasound urinary tract,
  • laboratory tests package;
  • uroflow (urine stream flow measurement),
  • transrectal ultrasound.
Programme price:
270.00 €