Nutrition consultation

A balanced diet is of great importance to maintain basic life functions and to perform different forms of life activities.

A healthy and balanced diet is key to maintain the basic life functions of an individual and their activities.

It is important that an individual knows their needs and adjusts their food accordingly, since a healthy diet can significantly improve their quality of life. Our specialists at the centre will take care of the integrity and efficiency of healthy eating and better control over individual dietary habits, and advise on an appropriate diet, physical activity, as well as prepare individual menus and appropriate written instructions.

Programmes for the assessment of food intolerance

Food intolerance is a negative reaction to food, beverages or food additives, which occurs with almost half of the population.

Among the most common symptoms are headache, bloating, chronic fatigue, irregular digestion, skin changes, problems with breathing, excess body weight, insomnia, joint pain and impaired concentration.

Depending on the number of allergens we offer three types of programmes:
  • Programme for BASIC intolerance: testing for 20 or 24 allergens,
  • Programme for SUPERIOR intolerance: testing for 184 allergens.
In addition to the tests all the programmes include a consultation with a nutritionist, an interpretation of the diagnosis and a proposed diet in writing.

Price list

Nutrition consultation Price?
Nutrition consultation
  35.00 €
Follow-up nutritional consultation
  12.00 €
Body composition measurement and nutrition consultation ?
  45.00 €