Personal genetic analysis

Get information on the exposure and risk of developing certain diseases and plan a healthier life.

Genetic risk analysis for common diseases

Genetic analysis offers information which could help us improve the quality of our lives. The analysis will be performed in the Rogaška Medical Centre, where the medical staff will offer you information regarding the analysis and the taking of a saliva sample. 

What is a personal genetic analysis?
The entire organization of our body is written in our genes. Genes decide the structure and function of our body. Genetic analysis enables a review of specific genes within the DNA molecule and gives us vital information about our exposure, the risk of developing of different diseases, and the characteristics of an individual. Genetic analysis is a scientific starting point for the calculation of the genetic burden, which tells us the possibility of developing certain conditions due to our genetic composition.

Why it is good to undergo a genetic risk analysis?
  • Genetic analysis is a once in a life time opportunity providing you with crucial information about your genetic exposure to the development of disease.
  • Estimate the influence of your genes (hereditary trait) and the influence of environmental factors (lifestyle) on the development of a disease.
  • Obtain useful advice regarding preventive measures and the lowering of risk for you and your family.
  • This is a step forward in the personal health treatment and health state awareness.
  • The result of the analysis is the motivation to plan a better and healthier lifestyle.
  • Treat your child to a genetic analysis and lower their risk to the possibility of disease.



Genetic analysis for diet

Genetic analysis gives you information on the basis of which you can significantly improve the quality of your life. Genetic analysis will be conducted in the Rogaška Medical Centre, where the staff will offer you all the necessary information regarding the analysis and submission of a saliva sample.

What is DNA vital genetic analysis?
  • A DNA vital genetic analysis provides an overview of the genes on the DNA molecule and provides us with important information about our exposure to excess body weight, the necessary minerals and vitamins and the need for physical activity, which is adapted to us and our body. Our organism is unique, so our nutritional needs are also unique.
  • DNA vital genetic analysis represents a comprehensive approach to the right nutrition according to your genes. It is a scientifically confirmed starting point to find the right way to achieve a suitable body weight and preserve the youthfulness and vitality for better health.

Why it is good to undergo a genetic analysis?
  • Undergo a genetic analysis once in a lifetime and obtain with it critical information about nutrition according to your genes.
  • Genetic analysis is a step towards learning about oneself. Give your body proper food and lifestyle for a better appearance and health.
  • DNA vital is not a diet. It is a way of life, providing your body with those nutrients which are really needed and in quantities that can be used to the greatest extent.
  • The result of the analysis is the motivation that you can plan a healthier life.
  • For a nice and healthy childhood, provide for your child a genetic analysis. This will help ensure the conditions for a healthy growth and the development of their abilities and take care of a proper lifestyle and healthy habits in early childhood that will be beneficial for the rest of their lives.