Orthopaedic clinic

In our orthopaedic clinic, we treat acute and chronic pain in a comprehensive way.

If you suffer from acute or chronic pain and would like a quick and effective treatment at a single location, expect to be treated individually in accordance with the most modern techniques of treatment, our orthopaedic clinic is the right place to be.

Pain in the hip, knee, shoulder, neck, the back etc. is treated in a comprehensive way, also with the help of several different specialists. Diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation are performed at a single location and in the shortest time possible.

Specialist doctors

Rok Slokar, MD

Specialist in orthopedic surgery
Rok Slokar, MD

Price list

Orthopaedics Price?
Special examination by an orthopaedist
  110.00 €
Administration of viscosupplement (work only)
  50.00 €
Viscosupplementation (Suplasyn) with administration
  240.00 €
Viscosupplementation with steroid (Cingal) with administration
  260.00 €
  55.00 €
Second opinion
  110.00 €