Otorhinolaryngology clinic

In addition to general otorhinolaryngological diagnostics and outpatient surgical treatments, the clinic carries out targeted examinations, the diagnosis of breathing disruptions during sleep, counselling and various forms of therapies and surgeries.

»Breathing disorders usually occur due to improper positi oning and slack ti ssue in the upper airway. In milder forms, a sound of snoring is created due to vibrati ons, while a serious respiratory blockage can cause longer breathing pauses (apnea) during sleep. This is a medical conditi on which signifi cantly lowers the quality of life.«

Services offered by the otorhinolaryngology clinic:

  • specialist examination by an otorhinolaryngologist;
  • nasal endoscopy;
  • oesophagus, throat and trachea examination with a fl exible endoscope;
  • follow-up specialist examination;
  • second opinion;
  • polygraph of sleep with an interpretation of the results;
  • removal of skin lesions under local anaesthesia;
  • removal of skin lesions and covering with local skin;
  • soft palate resection under local anaesthesia (uvulopalatoplasty);
  • soft palate reduction with radiofrequency under local anaesthesia;
  • turbinate reduction with radiofrequency (RF mukotomy);
  • histopathological examination of the resected tissue.

Specialist doctors

Matej Delakorda, MD, Msc

Specialist in otorhinolaryngology
In 2003, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, and in 2009 he obtained a Master's degree after his completed research in the field of nose injuries. Since 2010, when he completed a specialist exam with honours, he has been employed at the Department for Otorhinolaryngology and Cervicofacial Surgery at the Celje General Hospital as a specialist in otolaryngology. He deals with facial and neck surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery, and especially with surgical treatment of breathing disorders during sleep in the last few years.

In 2020, he graduated with a doctoral thesis from the field of obstructive sleep disorders from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana. He regularly attends numerous educational seminars in Slovenia and abroad. He cooperates with the Rogaška Medical Centre as an external collaborator.

Matej Delakorda, MD, Msc

Price list

Otorhinolaryngology Price?
Special examination by an otorhinolaryngologist
  100.00 €
Nasal endoscopy
  60.00 €
Examination of the upper respiratory tract in sedation
  250.00 €
Oesophagus, throat and trachea examination with flexible endoscope
  60.00 €
Second opinion
  110.00 €
Polysomnography with the interpretation of the results
  260.00 €