Health spa treatment

The only spa in Slovenia which focuses on disease prevention, the continued treatment and rehabilitation of gastroenterological patients and patients with metabolic disorders.

At the Rogaška health spa, we have been looking after the health of our guests since the year 1594.

We are the largest, oldest and only Slovenian health spa for the rehabilitation of patients, which is registered for health spa treatment under the type 8 standard. Satisfied visitors and several hundred years of successful work prove that health spa treatment really helps with faster rehabilitation, the reduction of functional problems and the improvement of the quality of life. 

Health spas are mainly visited by patients requiring rehabilitation after diseases of the digestive system and metabolic diseases.

    The health spa treatment at Rogaška Slatina is recommended for people with the following gastroenterological and endocrinological diseases:
    • Diseases of the oesophagus: hiatal hernia with severe inflammation of the oesophagus, if no surgical procedure is foreseen, conditions following the oesophagus surgery;
    • Diseases of the stomach and duodenum: chronic stomach ulcer and duodenum ulcer with frequent recidivism, weight loss and functional disorders, post-operative stomach and duodenum conditions and various post-resection syndromes;
    • Diseases of the small and large intestines or maldigestion and malabsorption with significant weight loss, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulosis and post-resection conditions of the small and large intestines or anorectum;
    • Liver diseases: toxin- and drug-induced liver injury, chronic active and persistent hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis, liver surgery followed by complications and conditions following liver transplantation;
    • Diseases of the pancreas: conditions following acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, post-operative pancreas conditions;
    • Metabolic diseases: diabetes with serious complications, acute hepatic porphyria, rehabilitation after extensive tumors in the area of hypothalamo-hypophyseal tissue;
    • Melanoma of the digestive system: conditions following the operation of melanoma of the digestive system or radiation therapy or chemotherapy if the elimination of the functional disorders is expected.

    A comprehensive programme of rehabilitation includes:

    1. Drinking Donat Mg natural mineral water,
    2. Balneotherapy and physical medicine,
    3. Psychological support and treatment,
    4. Dietotherapy and prophylaxis,
    5. Professional care and 24-hour medical supervision,
    6. Health education and secondary prevention,
    7. Diagnostics.

    We take care of our guests’ health because we value life!

    The nutritional expert supervises the following types of diets:
    • stomach and post-resection diet,
    • biliary diet,
    • intestinal diet,
    • diabetic diet,
    • weight loss diet,
    • individually adjusted diet according to the instructions of a nutritionist.
    In our centre, we are happy and proud to continue the tradition of health spa treatment. We are upgrading our knowledge with additional studies; we visit congresses and seminars, where we share our experience with local and foreign experts.

    Doctors specialists

    Suzana Lazarova, MD

    Specialist in internal medicine | balneologist
    She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Skopje in 1986 and continued her studies in abdominal ultrasound, diabetes, asthma and haemodialysis and in 1995 completed her specialization in internal medicine. She has been the head of the department for the treatment and rehabilitation of the digestive tract and digestion-related diseases at the Rogaška Medical Centre since 2004. She actively participates at international congresses, where she lectures on the Rogaška Medical Centre, Donat Mg mineral water, and the health spa treatment in Rogaška Slatina.
    Suzana Lazarova, MD