Classic manual massages

A massage will positively influence your health and therefore represents an exceptionally natural method of improving and maintaining health.

Classic medical manual massage

A classic medical (Swedish) manual massage has a therapeutic effect on the skin, muscular, skeletal and nervous system, binding tissues, the cardiovascular system, the lymph system and the immune system. It accelerates tissue regeneration, removes metabolism deposits and has a beneficial impact on your well-being.

Abdominal massage

The massage restores the balance in the intestines’ movements and increases peristaltic action, therefore it is recommended for the treatment of defecation difficulties. Treatment is carried out by gently manually pressing and sliding down the abdomen. It is especially recommended for treating constipation problems in combination with treatment with Donat Mg healing mineral water.

Price list

Classic manual massages Price?
Medical manual massage
45 min   51.00 €
Medical manual massage
40 min   47.00 €
Medical manual massage
20 min   33.00 €
Colonic/abdominal massage
30 min   41.00 €