Therapeutic massages with an induvidual approach

A massage will positively influence your health and therefore represents an exceptionally natural method of improving and maintaining health.

Therapeutic massages are individually tailored massages combining various massage techniques: functional massage, trigger points, muscle energy techniques, passive joint movements, muscle stretching etc. Unlike the classical Swedish massage, techniques are used, which influence the deeper structures of muscles and their fascia. 

The masseur with special knowledge determines the massage procedure based on the introductory conversation, tests and palpation and selects techniques, which treat the causes of the problems in the muscular and skeletal system, while taking into account the health condition, well-being and wishes of the individual. 

Medical therapeutic massage

An individually adapted back massage helps eliminate the causes of problems through various therapeutic approaches. It focuses on structures or parts of the body, individual muscles or other soft tissues, where pain, stress or other functional disorders are present.

Orthopaedic massage

The orthopedic massage combines different therapeutic approaches, which focus on the problems in the muscular and skeletal system.

Certified masseurs have special knowledge of different techniques, which enable an efficient individual approach. Integrated techniques are carried out on soft tissues and joints and are always individually selected according to the type of problems. In addition to other techniques, the orthopedic massage includes a vacuum technique (cupping) and deep tissue massage (deep tissue massage), where pressing and friction massage enable relaxation of muscle fibers and stretching of shortened tendons and thus reduce the pain and restore function of the treated part of the body. 

Price list

Therapeutic massages with an individual approach Price?
Medical therapeutic massage
40 min   51.00 €
Orthopaedic massage
45 min   58.00 €