Physiotherapy is a medical science, which uses physical substances and forces for therapeutic purposes. The purpose of physical therapy is to develop, maintain and re-establish optimal motion and functional skills in all stages of life. In our centre, professionally trained and experienced physiotherapists perform therapy or a combination of therapies with an individual approach.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy consists of various manual techniques and newer scientific results from physiotherapy and manual medicine.


Kinesiotherapy is a method which represents the basis of physical therapy, since it uses exercise as a treatment.

Kinesiology training

Kinesiology training maintains health, vitality, prevents pain, injuries and diseases and shapes the body with functional exercise.


This form of physical therapy uses electrical current for therapeutic purposes in various acute and chronic pain conditions.

Light therapy

Light therapy is a method where treatment is performed with light.


Magnetotherapy is a method of treatment with a low frequency magnetic field, which affects the cell processes.


We can use heat for therapeutic purposes and supply it or conduct it away from the body.


Mechanotherapy includes various methods and techniques which use mechanical energy for treatment.