Light therapy

Light therapy is a method where treatment is performed with light.

Laser therapy

With the aimed light of specific frequencies which penetrate the tissue, the therapy uses the pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect of the laser beam.

The laser is recommended for various pain conditions, injuries of muscles, tendons and sinews, skin diseases, treatment of tissues, wounds, degenerative and rheumatic diseases, circulatory disorders and trigger points in acute and chronic conditions.

Light therapy

Light therapy encourages the process of biostimulation, improves the microcirculation, balances the metabolic and regenerative processes of the entire organism and improves the synthesis of collagen.

The therapy is used to eliminate or reduce pain, relieve skin disorders and promote wound healing, it is common in pediatrics and cosmetics and is also recommended for the relief of seasonal mood disorders, chronic fatigue and sleep disorders.

Price list

Light therapy Price?
Laser therapy
  26.00 €
Light therapy / bioptron
  23.00 €