Manual therapy

Manual therapy consists of various manual techniques and newer scientific results from physiotherapy and manual medicine.

Manual therapy in a broad sense includes all therapeutic techniques which are performed manually (joint mobilisation, manual therapy of the soft tissue, lymphatic drainage therapy), while in the narrow sense, manual therapy is a physiotherapeutic concept, which includes diagnostics and treatment of neuromuscular dysfunctions and dysfunctions of the spine and limbs. It deals with the structural changes of the locomotor system, which cause pain and functional disorders.



Lately manual therapy has been increasingly becoming the most important part of an individual physiotherapy treatment.

The physiotherapist chooses the most suitable technique or the combination of techniques. The goal of therapy is to promptly establish a body balance, which eliminates pain, increases joint flexibility and muscle strength, reduces muscle tension and swelling, promotes balance and coordination and improves well-being.

A comprehensive and complex treatment approach eliminates or reduces the cause of the problem and thus relieves or eliminates pain due to:
  • acute and chronic pain conditions of the soft tissues and joints
  • consequences of poor posture
  • pain syndromes
  • conditions after injuries (sprains, muscle tears, bumps etc.)

Price list

Manual therapy Price?
Combined manual therapy (CYRIAX orthopedic medicine, fascia manipulation, nerve and joint mobilization, myofascial triggering points, etc.)
30 min   55.00 €
Combined manual therapy
50 min   79.00 €
Bowen therapy
50 min   70.00 €
Dr. Vodder lymph drainage therapy
30 min   46.00 €
Dr. Vodder lymph drainage therapy
50 min   59.00 €
Dr. Vodder lymph drainage therapy with other combined techniques (after a surgery)
70 min   74.00 €