Mechanotherapy includes various methods and techniques which use mechanical energy for treatment. The treatment uses the therapeutic effects of ultrasound, compression therapy and elastic adhesive strips.

Ultrasound therapy is used for the treatment of degenerative rheumatic disorders after injuries of the bones and soft tissues to soften and reduce scarring. It promotes cell replacement, improves the circulation and oxygen supply and thus tissue regeneration.

Hypobaric therapy is an intermittent compression therapy, which works according to the principle of negative pressure, which on the surface of the body directly affects the arterial capillary system and opens inactive collateral blood vessels, which are blocked due to illness and the consequent accumulation of bodily fluids in the affected areas. It has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and lymphs, improves oxygenation, the transport of oxygen, metabolism, the immune system and reduces swelling.

Pressotherapy operates according to the principle of intermittent compression and stimulates the action of the blood and lymphatic circulation by positive pressure. It improves the circulation in the tissues and reduces pain. It is irreplaceable in the treatment of all types of cellulite and body shaping, where metabolic waste products have to be eliminated from the tissues. It effects tired, heavy and swollen feet, the emergence of new varicose veins and inhibits the deterioration of the already existing varicose veins. It is based on the principles of manual lymphatic drainage and is performed in a completely physiological way.

The application of a neuromuscular strip is a technique of applying a special electrical strip onto the affected area of the body. It is very complementary with other therapies, since it reduces pain and inflammation, gives support to the muscles, increases the scope of movement, neutralizes muscle tension, improves the blood and lymph circulations and has an impact on the neurological system. It is used for the treatment of neurological, orthopaedic, traumatological, sports and post-operative conditions and reduces the probability of inflammation, pain and swelling and shortens the rehabilitation time. 

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Mechanotherapy Price?
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Ultrasound therapy
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