Aesthetic plastic surgery

Our aesthetic surgeons eliminate minor and major irregularities and provide you with an attractive fresh and youthful appearance.

The aesthetic plastic surgery clinic takes care of good mental well-being and confidence.

The Ancient Greeks realized that ideal beauty is impossible in the real world. In their wisdom, they only acknowledged and granted it to the immortal gods. Humans can only come close to the ideal. However, all of us need at least a part of that ideal beauty in ourselves and beside us. We must perceive our own beauty within ourselves to feel worthy of human society. We must believe that we are essentially equal to other people, but only differ in terms of detail and are therefore, pleasantly unique. Only then, can we join the human community with confidence. 

By realizing that we are accepted, we can disclose our inner beauty, as we develop and give form to all of our mental abilities. We also need beauty to surround us. We experience it in the originality and beauty of nature, in the consistent and unique forms of dwellings, in the exceptional objects we use, even in the perfection of ideas for which we live. Only in the search, admiration and adoration of the beauty of others do we experience the passion of yearning, the ravishment of love, happiness at the side of a beloved partner and the miracle of the beauty of new life, which is reflected in the eyes of our offspring.  

The area of human spirituality, through which we perceive beauty, is vast and not only devoted to mere physical forms. However, the beginning is in the beauty of the body and one of the ways, sometimes even the only one, which leads to the ideal, is with the assistance of aesthetic surgery.  

To please and attract with a fresh, youthful appearance is a desire as old as humanity. Now, we can come closer to its realization with aesthetic surgical procedures offered at the Rogaška Medical Centre








Specialist doctors

Assist. Zdenko Orožim, MD

Specialist in general, plastic and reconstructive surgery
He deepened his knowledge in the field of aesthetic surgery and hand surgery at courses and trainings in Waldenburg, Girona, Graz, Mersin, Lugano, Budapest, at the Kaplan Institute, Hospital de Barcelona, Centro medico Delfos, Aesthetic Institute Vila-Rovira and Centro medico Teknon in Barcelona as well as at the Clinic for hand surgery in Bad Neustadt. He regularly participates at European and World Congresses for plastic surgery and hand surgery. He passes his knowledge and expertise on to the students of the medical faculties in Maribor and Ljubljana. He is a member of the Slovenian and the European association of plastic surgeons.
Assist. Zdenko Orožim, MD

Price list

Aesthetic plastic surgery Price?
Specialist examination with an aesthetic plastic surgeon
  70.00 €
Extended aesthetic exam/detailed analysis of face, cleavage and arms
  150.00 €
Removal of skin lesions Price?
Removal of one skin lesion
  100.00 €
Removal of two skin lesions
  170.00 €
Removal of three skin lesions
  200.00 €
Removal of a facial skin lesion
  from 150.00 € up to 200.00 €
Removal of skin lesions and covering with local skin
  from 250.00 € up to 350.00 €
Corrective surgery for scars
  from 100.00 € up to 700.00 €
Extirpation of soft-tissue formation
  150.00 €
Aesthetic procedures on the face Price?
Corrective surgery of protruding ears
  from 1,100.00 € up to 1,700.00 €
Blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids
  from 1,000.00 € up to 1,600.00 €
Blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids
  from 1,600.00 € up to 2,500.00 €
Blepharoplasty of upper and lower eyelids
  from 2,300.00 € up to 3,700.00 €
Minimally invasive correction of horizontal forehead lines
  700.00 €
Correction of vertical forehead lines from
  from 400.00 € up to 900.00 €
Forehead lift and browlift
  1,900.00 €
Lifting of the middle parts of the face – midfacelift
  3,500.00 €
Upper and lower eyelid correction with forehead lift
  from 3,500.00 € up to 4,000.00 €
  3,500.00 €
  from 5,000.00 € up to 8,000.00 €
Double chin laser lipolysis
  1,300.00 €
Corrective nose surgery
  from 2,000.00 € up to 3,000.00 €
Corrective nose surgery with hyaluronic acid
  from 500.00 € up to 700.00 €
Lip enlargement by injection of own fat tissue
  1,000.00 €
Surgical lip rejuvenation
  from 500.00 € up to 900.00 €
Facial rejuvenation by injection of own fat tissue
  2,000.00 €
Face rejuvenation with the patient’s own fat tissue and concentrated stem cells
  5,500.00 €
Hair transplant
  from 1,500.00 € up to 4,000.00 €
surgical body shaping Price?
Laser lipolysis treatment from
  from 1,200.00 € up to 1,500.00 €
Laser lipolysis treatment with vibro liposuction from
  from 2,000.00 € up to 4,000.00 €
Male breast reduction gynecomastia, one side
  1,600.00 €
Male breast reduction gynecomastia, both sides
  2,400.00 €
Nipple and areola correction, one side
  1,100.00 €
Nipple and areola correction, both sides
  1,300.00 €
Correction of loose upper arm skin – brachioplasty
  from 2,000.00 € up to 3,000.00 €
Correction of loose thigh skin – femoroplasty
  2,700.00 €
Correction of labia – labiaplasty
  1,100.00 €
Rejuvenation of the labia majora volume with hyaluronic acid
  900.00 €
Rejuvenation of the labia majora with own fat tissue
  1,200.00 €
Bandaging after small procedures
  18.00 €
Breast implants
  4,000.00 €
Mini abdominoplasty under general anesthesia
  from 1,500.00 € up to 1,800.00 €
Extensive umbilical float abdominoplasty
  from 3,500.00 € up to 4,500.00 €