Arm surgery

A team of experts will successfully eliminate health conditions of the arms which cause pain and limited mobility of the fingers.

The gods created the hand, so the soul would not remain mute!

The human hands have become wonderfully skilled and beautiful throughout the development of the human species. We can say that our ancestors were distinguished from monkeys the minute they were able to turn their thumbs toward the rest of their fingers. As the mind guided the hands, the secrets of the world were uncovered for him. Intellect is connected to the hands in an eternal evolutionary circle: the development of the brain increases the skill of the hands, the hands develop the brain.  

In addition to our eyes and ears, they have become our most distinguished sense: we explore the world with our hands, touch, discover the form of surfaces, test whether things are hot or cold, barbed or smooth, if they are calm or trembling. 

We use our hands to work and play, create and destroy, to caress and hit, bless and kill. 

All that and so much more: hands replace the sight in the blind and hearing with the deaf; we use our hands to emphasize our words, using hand language we say things we cannot sat with words or wish not to. Like the face, the hands are a mirror to our life; how we earn a living and what we are like as people is written all over them. When they fall ill, they deserve care and need treatment. 

We know how to work with hands.




Specialist doctors

Assist. Zdenko Orožim, MD

Specialist in general, plastic and reconstructive surgery
He deepened his knowledge in the field of aesthetic surgery and hand surgery at courses and trainings in Waldenburg, Girona, Graz, Mersin, Lugano, Budapest, at the Kaplan Institute, Hospital de Barcelona, Centro medico Delfos, Aesthetic Institute Vila-Rovira and Centro medico Teknon in Barcelona as well as at the Clinic for hand surgery in Bad Neustadt. He regularly participates at European and World Congresses for plastic surgery and hand surgery. He passes his knowledge and expertise on to the students of the medical faculties in Maribor and Ljubljana. He is a member of the Slovenian and the European association of plastic surgeons.
Assist. Zdenko Orožim, MD

Price list

Hand surgery Price?
Release of the median or ulnar nerve in the wrist — Carpal tunnel syndrome
  360.00 €
Removal of Dupuytren's contracture ?
  from 600.00 € up to 1,500.00 €
Arthroplasty of a worn out saddle joint of the thumb
  1,500.00 €
Release of the tendon flow – trigger finger
  120.00 €
Hand rejuvenation with filler injections (hyaluronic acid)
  from 600.00 € up to 850.00 €
Hand rejuvenation with own fat tissue
  from 1,200.00 € up to 2,400.00 €