In addition to general otorhinolaryngological diagnostics and outpatient surgical treatments, the clinic carries out targeted examinations, the diagnosis of breathing disruptions during sleep, counselling and various forms of therapies and surgeries.

Price list

Examination by an otorhinolaryngologist Price?
Special examination by an otorhinolaryngologist
  100.00 €
Surgical procedures Price?
Removal of one skin lesion
  100.00 €
Removal of two skin lesions
  170.00 €
Removal of three skin lesions
  200.00 €
Removal of skin lesions and covering with local skin
  300.00 €
Facial scar correction
  400.00 €
Soft palate resection under general anaesthesia (uvulopalatoplasty)
  1,700.00 €
Resection of the nasal septum (septoplasty) under local anaesthesia
  1,200.00 €
Resection of the nasal septum (septoplasty) under general anaesthesia
  1,600.00 €
Turbinate reduction with radiofrequency (RF Mucotomy)
  300.00 €
Meatoplasty of narrow ear canals (one side)
  350.00 €
Removal of mouth and oesophagus mucous membrane alterations
  from 50.00 € up to 200.00 €
Histology (1 bottle)
  96.00 €