Vascular surgery

The treatment of veins is conducted on the basis of a specialist examination and diagnostics.

The clinic for vascular surgery performs specialist examinations and diagnostics (ultrasound of the arteries and veins).

Upon request, the clinic also carries out all methods for varice treatment, also those aesthetically disturbing.  

Upon examination, the method of treatment is agreed upon by the patient and the doctor. The doctor will suggest treatment methods according to the situation of the individual. 

After treatment, there is much that you can do for yourself with preventive measures.  

The clinic performs the medical treatment of the veins with sclerotherapy (injection of a sclerosing solution into the vein) and by operational procedures in the vascular system: phlebectomy (removal of varicose veins under local anaesthesia) and endovenous laser therapy.




Specialist doctors

Brigita Švab, MD

Specialist in general surgery
Since the beginning of her professional career, she has dealt with vascular diseases in great depth. She worked alongside well-known cardiovascular surgeons at the Texas Heart Institute in Texas, and surgeons in Maastricht in the Netherlands. She completed an ultrasound course in Zagreb. For several years, she acted as deputy head of the Department for vascular surgery at the Celje General Hospital. She has introduced new operation techniques in the field of varices – an endovenous laser operation technique at the Rogaška Medical Centre.
Brigita Švab, MD

Price list

Vascular surgery examinations Price?
Specialist examination by a vascular surgeon
  100.00 €
Follow-up specialist examination
  60.00 €
Specialist examination with an ultrasound of the lower limb veins or arteries
  125.00 €
Specialist examination with an ultrasound of the lower limb veins and arteries
  180.00 €
Follow-up specialist examination with an ultrasound of lower limb veins or arteries
  110.00 €
Follow-up specialist examination with an ultrasound of lower limb veins and arteries
  130.00 €
Ultrasound of the lower limb veins and arteries
  140.00 €
Ultrasound of lower limb arteries
  95.00 €
Ultrasound of lower limb veins
  95.00 €
Ultrasound of cervical arteries
  100.00 €
Vascular surgical procedures Price?
Removal of blood clots from varicose veins
  60.00 €
Phlebectomy (extensive procedure – several varicose veins on one leg)
  600.00 €
Phlebectomy (extensive procedure — one varicose vein along the entire length of one leg)
  360.00 €
Phlebectomy (less extensive procedure – one varicose vein on an individual part of one leg)
  from 180.00 € up to 300.00 €
Laser jail larger vein
  600.00 €
  1,800.00 €
  2,000.00 €
Reticular varicose vein treatment Price?
Per surface – 5cm2 - first visit
  72.00 €
Per surface – 5cm2 - second visit
  60.00 €
Per surface – 5cm2 - third visit
  48.00 €
Individual reticular varicose veins
  26.00 €
Varicose sclerotherapy
  72.00 €
Spider vein sclerotherapy
  84.00 €