The history of Rogaška Slatina, the medicinal natural water and the health spa are filled with legends, famous guests, renowned doctors and successful treatments.

A walk through history

According to the legend, the medicinal spring of Rogaška was made by order of Apollonius, the Sun God. Apollonius ordered Pegasus, the winged horse, to hit the earth between Rogatec and Sv. Križ with its hoof and open a Roitschocrene, a spring of Rogaška, which will help people to regain their health.  

The first analysis of the water of Rogaška had already been made by the renowned alchemist Leonhardt Thurneysser in 1572. He found five ingredients in the water: gold, “bergkler”, sulphur, a magnet and raging water.  

When Count Peter Zrinski was cured after drinking the water of Rogaška in the 17th century, doctors became so fascinated that they began examining the effects of the water. Soon afterwards they began bottling the water due to its therapeutic effects and the first modern medicinal institution was founded in the beginning of the 19th century. 

In 1685 the first monograph focusing on Rogaška mineral water was published. At that time, only one similar publication existed – a monograph focusing on the Belgian Spa mineral water.  

The first permanent doctor began residing in Rogaška Slatina at the initiative of Count Ferdinand Attems in 1804. He cooperated with renowned doctors and professors from Graz, Vienna and Budapest.