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At the Rogaška Medical Centre, your health is in the hands of leading and renowned experts working according to the latest discoveries from their field of expertise.

spa treatment

At the Rogaška health spa, we have been looking after the health of our guests since the year1594. The Rogaška Medical Centre is also the largest, oldest and only Slovenian spa for the rehabilitation of patients which is registered for health spa treatment after gastroenterological and endocrinological diseases (type 8 standard). Satisfied visitors and several hundred years of successful work prove that health spa treatment really helps with faster rehabilitation, the reduction of functional problems and the improvement of the quality of life.

Managerial check-ups

After the age of 40, it is necessary to carry out a preventive examination to confirm one’s health or discover a potential threatening disease.

Donat MG

Water with healing and protecting properties.

Every drop counts; however, not every drop has healing properties. Rogaška Slatina is a home to a very special water spring – Donat Mg. It is more than 8,000 years old, and it soothes and prevents numerous diseases and protects our health. Due to a high content of vital minerals, its power is extraordinary. Rogaška Medical Centre is home to this unique natural healing mineral water, the richest in magnesium.

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